On Hot Gay Statues: Florence Getting Hotter


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Recently we heard from Mike, an American expat (and blogger!) living in Denmark who writes:

I didn’t know about your blog this summer when I went to Florence, but now that blog-whoring’s brought us together, here’s a humble contribution:


Though we’ve already covered Florence — and this statue specifically — we wanted to take the opportunity to demonstrate a fundamental point about hot gay statues that has been missed by some of our less enlightened readers. Anyway! Here’s the shot of Hercules and Caucus (courtesy of Wikipedia) from the original post:

A lil hot and def gay, but kinda whatevs.

Now let’s compare with Mike’s shot of the same statue:


Whoa. Smokin’ hot. Srsly gay.

Need we say more? We think not!

Thanks again to Mike for his most excellent submission.

The Hot Gay Statue round-up:

4 Responses to “On Hot Gay Statues: Florence Getting Hotter”

  1. 1 orinink

    guys this could be a serious problem,you have crossed the line between aesthetes and loons,or at least perverse pigeons.

  2. 2 Laurie

    OK, I’ve got a hot one for you and I promise to send it, once I can identity where it is….Sav went out during the blizzard last week in Torino to photograph the snow, and came back with a bunch of great photos, including a SMOKING HOT ONE, but I can’t get him to specify where he took it, and I can’t recognize it….will send it one once I have sorted out the details…

    love from us…

  3. This is really hot. I wonder if society back in the day thought less of Caucus because he is being depicted as the subjugated beta. It’s very primal. Powerful to observe how are brains are hardwired to interpret it; if your a gay man it’s lusty and erotic, if you’re a straight man it’s your worst nightmare.

  4. 4 milk

    The guy between the legs is getting a nice view of the other guy’s club.

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