On Hot Gay Statutes: Albany Not Without Potential?


In which The Gay Recluse goes for laffs. Sort of.

So get ready, this just in from our Albany Correspondent:

The framed statute is a hot gay statute: it is the pen (one of the pens) with which Gov. Pataki signed the Gay Rights Bill (SONDA for those in the know) back in 2002 and hangs proudly in my office. The other statutes in the waste basket are neither hot, nor gay.

Forget Pataki — we’re still in love with Paterson!

Yes, these are petty damn sad. Plus: Zzzzz. Let’s hope they recycled these seriously unhot and not-even-gay statutes!

Thanks, Albany Correspondent! You’re seriously making the best of it up there. (We wish every other city could say the same!)


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