On Hot Gay Statues: Chicago Makes Late-Breaking Bid for the Gold


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Recently our friend Genghis Kuhn sent in the following, which we are quite pleased to share with readers impatient for the latest in HGS:

While this statue is from the (not free) Art Institute in the City of
the Big Shoulders, I (being but an impoverished and sketchy
student-type) viewed it on the museum’s weekly Free Thursday, so it
technically qualifies as being universally available. Hopefully, this
submission will convince readers of the existence of smokin’ gay
statues west of the Mississippi: thus far, there has been a shocking
dearth of representation, despite our region’s reputation for the
finest farm-grown beef.

The statue: the lion’s creepily man-like limbs + its…aggressively
hairy attention to the statue’s groin scream just one thing: a
sophisticated and eloquent allegory of a nasty bout of below-the-belt
beard burn. Shave, gentlemen!

So many excellent points are made here that we can only vigororously nod our head in agreement and say: let the games begin. Or continue. Whatevs.

Thanks, Genghis — this is indeed hot smokin’ hot — you have so redeemed the Midwest (or at least a little).

The Hot Gay Statue Contest Roundup:

2 Responses to “On Hot Gay Statues: Chicago Makes Late-Breaking Bid for the Gold”

  1. I would think that Chicago would have a lot of Hot Gay Statues giving the state of it’s gay population! And I must say that is a wonderful sculpture although society deemed it necessary to cover the rear under view! Oh well, here’s to the future hope of art!

  2. Agreed — let’s hope this inspires a few more submissions from Chicago folks!

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