On Hot Gay Statues: Columbus Circle Moody, But Not Exactly Uninviting


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Today reader Jason sent in the following note along with some pictures:

I don’t know why I never really noticed this before, but the statuary at Columbus Circle and Central Park West is really gay. There’s two seriously built guys who seem to be having a spat, but from where I stand, they’re both extremely hot!

Ok, Jason, let’s see what we’re dealing with here.

Damn, this guy’s hot.

Correct that…from this view he smokin’ hot! (Those eyes!)

This guy’s not too shabby either!

Interesting equation here: quiet + reserved + intellectual = smokin’ hot!

Thanks for the submission, Jason. We agree that whether these guys are fighting or not, they are both seriously gay and smokin’ hot, which is always a good combination! Readers: we find it hard to believe that there aren’t a lot more hot gay statues out there waiting to be discovered. Do you really want your city to be left out when the winner is declared in November? Obviously, there’s plenty of time, so we look forward to seeing some hot pix.

The Hot Gay Statue Contest Roundup:

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One Response to “On Hot Gay Statues: Columbus Circle Moody, But Not Exactly Uninviting”

  1. 1 jesus

    not only the eyes, but the legs too!

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