On Hot Gay Statues: Sadly, Murray Hill Not Exactly Thriving


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Today we received this submission from Ed, a reader in Murray Hill who writes:

Dear Gay Recluse: Since you launched your competition I have kept my eye open for hot gay statues in Murray Hill, which is my neighborhood (32nd and Lexington, to be exact). But as you will see from the pix, things are pretty bleak! Still! I attach what I could find, because at least I can say that Murray Hill is not completely shut out, right? Maybe? If I find anything better, I’ll let you know. PS. No need to credit me except for “Ed from Murray Hill.”
Ed from Murray Hill says: There are actually a pair of these on Park between 33rd and 34th. I know there are gay penguins. So maybe gay eagles?
The Gay Recluse: Umm, we like birds in almost any form, so sure — we’ll declare this a hot gay eagle.
Ed from Murray Hill says: This is a “Obelisk to Peace” by Irving Marantz at 34th and Park. I know it’s hideous but kinda gay?
The Gay Recluse: Woah, Nellie. Hideous yes, but gay? Sadly we’re going to have to place this one out of contention. Sorry, Ed!

Ed from Murray Hill says: This guy is one 34th between Lexington and Third. I realize he’s not exactly hot, but kinda sorta gay, right? Or not? Maybe a hot dad? The smock after all?
The Gay Recluse: Ed, while we’re not in love with the self-important expression on his face (so straight, by which we mean so unpleasantly reminiscent of large swaths of post-war American fiction) we do want to give you the benefit of the doubt. So yes, let’s say this guy is gay, although — there has to be a limit! — not very hot, and certainly not smokin’ hot.
Thanks for the submission, Ed from Murray Hill! Obviously not every neighborhood can be as blessed as Washington Heights with so many hot gay statues, but we admire anyone with the gumption to try! Readers from elsewhere in the United States, don’t miss the opportunity to make your city proud!
The Hot Gay Statue Contest Roundup:

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4 Responses to “On Hot Gay Statues: Sadly, Murray Hill Not Exactly Thriving”

  1. 1 c

    I lived in the building with the “gay” eagles, once upon a time. When I arrived, Murray Hill was, despite a lack of representative statuary, a bastion of gayness. There were six (count ’em) gay bars: Uncle Charlie’s; Dakota; North Dakota; Styx; Uncle Charlie’s South, and Company. And, a Greetings (super gay) card store. By the apogee of the AIDS crisis, 1985, when Rock Hudson’s death from AIDS made the papers, every single establishment was gone, and Murray Hill was on its way to bourgeois, straight yuppiedom (and the numerous, high rise towers which always follow). It has yet to recover.

  2. Thanks, C. I’ve heard similar stories about Park Slope and the UWS. It’s good to remember what makes neighborhoods great, and why so many of them now feel so soulless.

  3. 3 daughter of Irving Marantz

    thank you for the attractive photo of my father’s work. Though I do not agree with the comment “hideous’ at all. It is in fact an abstract human figure. It is indeed not particularly gay or not gay rather it is simply human figure and a call for peace.

  4. Thanks for writing, DoIM! I personally don’t have anything against the sculpure per se–I find pleasantly abstract– but I do find the context kind of arbitrary and corporate, which I’m guessing is what the submitter meant by “hideous.” (Also, the building behind it? Yuck.) What would be great would be to see your father’s sculpture interposed with the building: that would be a true statement for peace!

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