On Hot Gay Statues: A Smokin’ Tommy Trojan Makes the Cut


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

So who wants to take a break from groundbreaking, historical political elections and take a look at something even more timeless, i.e., a hot gay statue? Below we are pleased to present one of the hottest gay statues we’ve seen in a few thousand years, aka Tommy Trojan from the USC campus out in L.A. This arrives courtesy of our friends at art blog C-MONSTER — “Where High Gets Low” — which if it’s not already there should be on your RSS feed.

Srsly, check this out:


(Photo by C-M.)

Whoas, is this guy smokin’ or what? Not to mention, obvs gay! This is only one of many photos that we strongly encourage you to check out at C-Monster. You will, as the saying goes, not regret it. (Unless you live in Cali and voted “yes” on Prop 8, in which case you can expect to get your head chopped off.)

Thanks, C-Monster! We expect tonight to usher in a new golden era of hot gay statues.

The Hot Gay Statue round-up:

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