[Note: The Gay Recluse is no longer active; interested readers can now follow Matthew Gallaway on his blog here.]

The Gay Recluse


Writing/Editorial: Matthew Gallaway

Technical/Production: Stephen P. Mark


Queens Correspondent/The Jane Austen Watch

The Jane Austen Watch lives in Queens, where she ponders the passing landscape through the lens of her favorite Jane Austen novels. She also blogs at Writer’s Block.

U.K. Correspondent/The London Eye

The London Eye is a U.S. expat who has recently moved to London, where he is often impressed and sometimes perplexed.

Roving Correspondent/The Blind Architect

The Blind Architect lives and works in Manhattan. He travels frequently to other places, some of which are interesting, others dull or even frightening. Though not incapable of being charmed, his default condition is “annoyed.”

Manhattan Correspondent/Deirdre’s Terrain

Deirdre’s Terrain lives and works in Manhattan, where she navigates the turbulent waters of office bureaucracy at a major media company and occupies a strange and sometimes fantastical netherworld in which she encounters Brooklyn Moms on one hand and Scary Sadshaws on the other. (Terrifying!)

Brooklyn Correspondent/The Jessica Watch

Born and raised in Brooklyn, The Jessica Watch now lives in Park Slope, which her mother (from Bay Ridge) once hilariously described as “dangerous.” (This occurred in 1997: how much do we love Jessica’s mother!?) But all joking aside, Jessica wants to have a kid and — with no men to be found — plans to do it herself! How will this work out? Let’s watch and learn.

Women’s Beach Volleyball Correspondent/Robert Representative

Robert Representative is a writer who lives in New York City. He has a longstanding interest in women’s beach volleyball.


Editorial Assistant: Dante

Technical Assistant: Zephyr

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