On Hot Gay Statues: No Surprise, Honolulu Beckons


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Today reader (and blogger and Twitterer par excellence) Atherton Bartelby kindly sent in the following note, just days before leaving Hawaii for the mainland (or whatever we’re called over here). Atherton writes:

I finally snapped a photograph of one of the Hot Gay Statues on Oahu. It’s SO not a perfect image, but I thought you may want to use it anyway as a representative HGS for Honolulu. It’s of Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku, who is regarded as the father of surfing.

Whoas — sounds promising! Let’s check this guy out, shall we?


Whatevs. A lil blurry, but this duke of surfdom is obv smokin’.

Thanks, Atherton — Hawaii beckons in many ways!

The Hot Gay Statue round-up:


3 Responses to “On Hot Gay Statues: No Surprise, Honolulu Beckons”

  1. I hope you don’t have one of Manco Cápac yet, darling, as when Atherton told my mother about your HGS project, she became very animated about a fabulous photo she had taken of the Inca leader and his mighty “staff.”

    As soon as she gets to her laptop after this holiday, I will have her send me the image and pass it along.

    I’ll drag Atherton to the beach again today so he can get a shot of Duke that does the king of surf justice.

  2. 2 Atherton Bartelby

    YAY! I am so happy that it was not too blurry so that you could not use it; I shot it just as the sun was sinking behind the ocean so the light was tricky. I’ll try to get you a more “detailed” replacement before I fly on Sunday. ;-)

  3. I like what I’m hearing, AB and AV!

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