[Note: The Gay Recluse is no longer active; interested readers can now follow Matthew Gallaway on his blog here.]

We live in Washington Heights, Manhattan and hold forth on the continuing disgrace of local and national politics, uptown real estate, the dissonance of modern life in the city, and the gay voice — or sometimes, the lack thereof — in the arts and literature. (In short, we complain about everything.)

For readers seeking a more concentrated reading experience, we offer the following:

On Forty Years in Broken Lampposts

The Smokin’ Hot Gay Statuary of Audubon Terrace

On Pittsburgh: A Trip to the City of Bridges To Our Forgotten Past

On the English Elm of Washington Heights

On Shipwrecks in Washington Heights

On Gay Modern Love (in Gawker)

On the Suffocation of the Gay Voice in American Literature

On Beatrice

On the Desire for Community-Free Existence

For those seeking info about The Metropolis Case, the forthcoming novel by Matthew Gallaway, you can read about it here (on Gawker) or here (on these very pages).

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The Gay Recluse

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