On Hot Gay Statues: London Continues To Seriously Dominate


In which The Gay Recluse holds a contest. Sort of.

Ok, to all the doubters who thought that the Hot Gay Statue contest was winding down, we refer you to reader Genghis Kuhn, who recently wrote us with the following:

[Herewith a] few pictures from my recent “research” trip to London. The firefighting statue is in a public square, while the two classical ones are from the V & A Museum, which is free for the public. All three share hilarious and blatant use of phallic symbols, as well as bangin’ bodies.

Sounds pretty freakin’ hot, Genghis. Let’s check these out, shall we?

Woah. Something’s smokin’ here, and it’s not exactly a fire! Hot.

This guy has a very impressive snake between his legs. Seriously: hot.

Judging from the big and kinda bad hair (especially the Prince Valiant), this was obviously cast in the 1960s. But whatev, it’s clearly gay and hot smokin’ hot. Some of those guys in the back aren’t half bad, either.

Thanks for those pix, Genghis! Readers, in between scouring the streets for more hot gay statues, we encourage you to check out Genghis’ new blog, the cleverly named Bed of Neuroses.

The Hot Gay Statue Contest Roundup:


One Response to “On Hot Gay Statues: London Continues To Seriously Dominate”

  1. 1 Alexander G DeWitt

    Despite the bad hair in number 3, I would say the Daddy-Sonny vibe is refreshing and that’s quite a conch!

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