On Hot Gay Statues: Smokin’ Gay Lady Couple Spotted in Washington Heights


In which The Gay Recluse holds a competition. Sort of.

Remember how we said that one good reason to move to Washington Heights is that it’s home to the hottest gay statues? While this remains undoubtedly true, we have some groundbreaking news for our gay lady friends! This just in from Reader Roberta:

Hi TGR, I thought you — or actually your lesbian readers, coz I know there’s at least a few — might like to know that there’s a gay couple, by which I mean two gay ladies, on display on Broadway in the Heightz. I’ve taken a few shots over the past couple of months, which I attach for your consideration, with captions (my gf Suzanne helped)! Feel free to post, because these gay gurlz are hot and I’m never going to have the time to start my own blog!

Ok, Roberta, you’re on! Let’s check these gay ladies out, shall we?


Hi girls! So you’re new to the neighborhood? And you’re a couple? Love it!


(Delicious buns!)


So are those jeans painted on or what!?  (To be twenty again!)


Welcome, ladies! It’s good to see more lesbian couples in da Heightz!

Thanks Roberta! We think you should start a Tumblr like us, but in the meantime, we’re more than happy to post for you! You definitely opened our eyes to a world we hardly knew existed…

The Hot Gay Statue round-up:

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