On Sunsets: Five Imaginary Quotes by Andy Warhol


In which The Gay Recluse decorates the office.


Today in my office I hung up a color print I recently made to test out a new printer we recently bought after the old one died. The photograph was taken a long time ago, if you measure time in hours.


It was Friday afternoon and difficult to concentrate on “real work.” Instead of launching into a new project, I decided to spend a few minutes making up imaginary quotes by Andy Warhol. Still considering the photograph, I decided to focus on sunset quotes.*

*I won’t pretend they’re very good! This is more a game “for fun” than “results.”


“I love to watch the sunset, but only on television.”


“I’m always relieved after the sun sets because I can finally go out without anyone noticing my bad skin.”


“Each day when the sun sets I call my banker to make sure I still have enough money left to go out that night. If I can’t get hold of him, my friends always end up paying for me!”


“I never paint sunsets, because the ones I buy at the flea market are so much better than anything I could ever do.”


“Candy Darling always said she hated sunsets, which is how I knew she was going to die very young.”


2 Responses to “On Sunsets: Five Imaginary Quotes by Andy Warhol”

  1. Fab quotes. They really capture the Andy we know and love: generous, caring and soooooo talented.

  2. 2 c.

    First quote is my fave.

    Freaking great sunset… makes Washington Heights look like a j.w. turner painting.

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