On the City Pattern Project: Special Eskimo Sunset Edition


In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with Japanese maples.

Hey there, Eskimo Sunset (Acer pseudoplatanus)! You’re actually a combination between a maple and a sycamore; we also read somewhere that you’re the most variegated plant in the world! As with all of our City Pattern Projects, we dream of the day that you are painted on the walls of offices and conference rooms throughout Manhattan.

Eskimo Sunset is a stunning maple! It’s spring leaves emerge orange-pink and settle into a leaf that is green splashed with cream and pink coloring. And incredibly the underside of the leaf is purple!

Mendocino Maples Nursery

One Response to “On the City Pattern Project: Special Eskimo Sunset Edition”

  1. Imagine the symphonies, in utero, you walk by daily, deaf to their potential beauty. No more! From Wikipedia:

    “Occasional trees produce wood with a wavy grain, greatly increasing the value for decorative veneers. It is a traditional wood for use in making the backs, necks and scrolls of violins.”

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