On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants


In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse.


Friends, you can be safe in assuming that we spend more time together than any human couple on the planet!


That’s why we rushed out and got our federal civil union license, which gives all couples — gay or straight! — the same rights and benefits! We were really looking forward to filing a joint tax return this year!


But then we were told that federal civil unions for all haven’t even been enacted yet, and moreover that cats aren’t included, to which we have one response: “Friends, not every cat is lolcat!”

2 Responses to “On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants”

  1. 1 TJW

    Why do I love TGR’s blog so much? Is it because it is socially and politically conscious? Sure, that could be why. Because its guest bloggers are cats? Maybe, maybe. Because the cats are socially and politically conscious? Ahh . . . that’s it. Of course.

  2. Thanks, TJW!

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