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In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse. H8 Monday mornings, yall! Srsly — it snowed!? Enough for a snow day? We didn’t think so either.

In which Zephyr adjusts to the tides of the universe. Hey everyone, our Feedburner account is getting swallowed up by Google, so if you have any problems with the e-mail subscription or RSS feed, please let us know. We’re terrified of losing you! xoxo, Zephyr/Technical Assistant/The Gay Recluse

In which Zephyr takes over The Gay Recluse. Friends! What if the polls are wrong? What if the conspiracy theories are true? What are these strange places called Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Colorado and Virginia? And why does our fate rest in their hands? What happens on Wednesday morning if Barack Obama loses? Will we be […]

In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse. Friends! Did you watch the debate last night? Did you not hear the loathsome John McCain utter the usual lie, in which he claims that every cat is a lolcat? Rest assured, we are voting for Barack Obama. Not every cat is a lolcat!

In which Zephyr gets political. Friends! Did you not hear it? In these dire times, we must always remember one thing. Not every cat is a lolcat.

In which The Gay Recluse languishes. Yesterday we went for a run, even though it was 156 degrees out. When we were young, we laughed at the heat. Let’s just say we’re not as young as we used to be! Today we’re not going anywhere. Even though we’re kind of in the mood for a […]

In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse. Friends! We would like to draw your attention to the following comment and conundrum we received today from Reader GhengisKuhn, who writes: Having tracked “not every cat is a lolcat” back to its root, I (a sporadic reader) would like to present you with a […]