On the Arrival of Summer Torpor


In which The Gay Recluse languishes.

Yesterday we went for a run, even though it was 156 degrees out.

When we were young, we laughed at the heat.

Let’s just say we’re not as young as we used to be!

Today we’re not going anywhere.

Even though we’re kind of in the mood for a coffee and a donut.

But like any longing, this passes after a little while.

And instead we go to sleep.

5 Responses to “On the Arrival of Summer Torpor”

  1. 1 Jessy

    i’m so glad that i found you. Thank god for research papers and research on robert rauschenberg; if it was not for that, i would have never stumbled across your witty/clever comment on “bed.” I love your writing. And your cats are amazing

  2. 2 c.

    It’s silly to try to choose, but this may be my favorite photo series yet. In seven snaps, you’ve encapsulated — and mirrored — the feline tendency to express volumes in minimalist form.

    I do have an urge to crawl in there with them.

  3. 3 The Tsarina

    On careful consideration of this entry, I will say that I am a little charmed by the masters of your household. I approve.

  4. Thanks, Tsarina…your gracious words mean a lot!

  1. 1 On The Arrival of Summer Torpor « Bed of Neuroses

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