On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants


In which Dante and Zephyr take over The Gay Recluse.

Friends! Let’s be perfectly clear: not every cat is a lolcat!

2 Responses to “On Guest Blogging by the Editorial and Technical Assistants”

  1. 1 jesus

    i like this photograph. i like the focus on the cat in the background (Zephyr? Dante?)–we’ll call him cat2. it looks like he snuck into the picture. “wait, wait. wait for me,” and the–bam–he compelled the lens to focus on him. well done, cat2!

    i also like the pink ring of light the red couch casts on cat1, and the way he’s reclining. very glamour shots, circa 1996. have you stumbled on the new cat thing? is glamourcats the new lolcats?

    isn’t it odd none of the couch’s reflection landed on cat2? it would seem to confirm my speculations: cat1: glamourcat; cat2: interloper.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jesus! For the record, cat 2 in the background is Zephyr and Cat 1 is Dante. I like your glamourcat concept: after all, not every cat is a lolcat!

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