On an Administrative Note to Subscribers


In which Zephyr adjusts to the tides of the universe.

Hey everyone, our Feedburner account is getting swallowed up by Google, so if you have any problems with the e-mail subscription or RSS feed, please let us know. We’re terrified of losing you! xoxo,

Zephyr/Technical Assistant/The Gay Recluse


2 Responses to “On an Administrative Note to Subscribers”

  1. i’m a total sucker for a cat as cute as the blue Z! CUTE!!!!

  2. I love the new and frank take on the “we’d hate to lose you!” line. Now I have this vision of you in a Dickens, EA Poe story or perhaps a light spoof on both, in which we see The Terror of a Man and his Web Traffic. It’s real, yes?

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