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In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with birch trees. I first met Leanne in the fall of tenth grade in the Kingswood dining hall.  This was my first year of boarding school and — residual fear from public school — I was still petrified at the thought of eating alone; I don’t remember […]

In which The Gay Recluse drinks virtual wine. Photographer Dino Dinco sent us an announcement for his art opening on Wednesday night, and — hey! — if we were in San Francisco, we’d totally go. Dinco’s show (click here for gallery info) includes shots of the desolate “cruising trails” in L.A. (somewhat ironically located near […]

In which a painter is also obsessed with the George Washington Bridge. So on Saturday when we were walking around in the rain, we were kinda shocked to stumble upon this rather swank gallery on Riverside Drive and 181st Street in Washington Heights. We knocked on the door and they let us in, even though […]

In which The Gay Recluse invites readers to get drunk enjoy art in person. Reader John Anthony Frederick sent us the following flier today for his photo exhibition in Albany: To all of our readers in Albany: Hey, we think you should go! The tree photos look extremely cool: distant, distorted and contemplative. (Why not […]