On Hey, Let’s Go To an Art Opening in San Francisco!


In which The Gay Recluse drinks virtual wine.

Photographer Dino Dinco sent us an announcement for his art opening on Wednesday night, and — hey! — if we were in San Francisco, we’d totally go. Dinco’s show (click here for gallery info) includes shots of the desolate “cruising trails” in L.A. (somewhat ironically located near the police academy); we ponder the haunted light and the unkempt litter-strewn paths, where — like so much in the gay world — the overgrown bushes and weeds offer both danger and maybe a few seconds of salvation for those desperate enough to seek it.


2 Responses to “On Hey, Let’s Go To an Art Opening in San Francisco!”

  1. Nice shot, Dino! Wonder what’s just around that tree there, farther along the path……

  1. 1 Calendar. 01.27.09. at C-MONSTER.net

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