On a Message To Our Friends in Albany: Hey, Let’s Go To An Art Opening!


In which The Gay Recluse invites readers to get drunk enjoy art in person.

Reader John Anthony Frederick sent us the following flier today for his photo exhibition in Albany:

To all of our readers in Albany: Hey, we think you should go! The tree photos look extremely cool: distant, distorted and contemplative. (Why not buy one!) And if it’s like art openings in “the city,” there will definitely be wine and hors d’oeuvres and — maybe? — hot singles. (Sadly, John informs us that there are no hot gay statues in Albany: wtf?) But maybe our hero David Paterson will be there! This reminds us of how we used to lie and tell people we met Stephen at an art opening, and how we told the lie so much that after few years, we actually started to believe it! But then we admitted the truth and felt better. But art openings still seem like a good place to meet someone, even in theory. Has anyone actually met a significant other at an art opening? (And did you take home any of the art?)

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