On the City Pattern Project: Our Head Is in the Clouds, Where Is Yours?


In which The Gay Recluse reaches into the mailbag.


Today we received a letter from Reader J___ B___:

I agree with the reader who took exception the the multiple image thing.
One pic is fine, write what you want beneath it.
A finger to me, and I’ll never bother with you again.
J____ B____ is a name I use to protect the innocent. I hope you like it. I have others.


When we first read this, we wanted to shred this jerk, as if he represented all of the assholes over the years who have ever tried to tell us how to live our life. We wanted to scream: who the fuck made you god of the internet? We wanted to post 100 repeating images of us giving you the finger, because what right do you have to tell us what or what not to do on our blog? Do you really think we give even the slightest shit what you think, who you want to “protect,” and whether you’ll “bother” with us? Srsly, fuck off and die!


But that passed, and left us with a more ambivalent sense of pity. Imagine the agony of going through life with such a terrible, narcissistic need to correct others (and to anonymously send them such creepy and vaguely threatening words)!


It’s true that we may live with our head in the clouds, but there are clearly worse fates.


Thank you for making that clear to us.

9 Responses to “On the City Pattern Project: Our Head Is in the Clouds, Where Is Yours?”

  1. 1 orinink

    i am laughing so hard at this entry because it finally hit that u guys have a great sense of humor.I think the images are very beautiful do it again and again as much as you want babies.

  2. I like the repeated-picture thing. It gives a molassesey pace to the posts, and makes you work a little bit to get to the next paragraph. The fact that you don’t do it with every single post indicates that you know this, and use it when it’s appropriate to the subject matter. It’s a literary device, you philistines.

  3. 3 Anon in Paris

    Well, isn’t it (the multiple-image thing) one of the reasons why TGR stands out in the blogging crowd? God, these people clearly should get a life.

  4. Thanks, everyone! We appreciate the kind words…

  5. seriously. What’s the big deal about the multiple photos. I like the concept, it makes me chew my food a little slower and helps digest the thoughts… I think its your right, its your blog. If someone doesn’t like it they can stop reading–but what a silly reason to stop reading. We have greater fish to fry like that scary all maniless site….that’s sKary.

  6. 6 charles

    Oh Gay Recluse I love you!

  7. 7 c.

    Everybody has an opinion on art, but some people confuse cattiness or habitual disapproval with communication.

    The artist is called on to create, regardless of external opinion. Still, it’s useful to distinguish feedback which connects us to others, from the generic, masturbatory ranting that’s always in the air around us, like static.

    The task at hand, for TGR, is to simply keep going.

  8. I really like the pictures! No one else is doing what you do! It is just exactly like the delight I experienced reading books with pictures as a child. It’s meditative and soothing. Don’t stop!

  9. The repeated pictures are like weed – they make your brain slow down a little and take the time to appreciate everything more.

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