On Passive Aggressive Comments: Srsly, Great for Laffs!


In which The Gay Recluse seeks to vex.

Oh noes! It seems that we’ve upset Reader Arundel with our obsessive-compulsive need to repeat the same or similar photographic images over and over! Here’s what Arundel wrote:

Hi. I forget where I first came across your blog, but I enjoy your posts and insights.
Thank you.

However, this strange thing of repeating the same picture fifteen times in a post is a damned eyesore, an affectation that beats the casual reader over the head with the same repeated image in such a distracting way it’s impossible to concentrate on what you’re saying.

Repeating the same photo over and over implies there’s some importance to the image- believe me, once is enough. We’re not stupid. Repeating it so pointlessly is irksome.

I hope you keep writing insightful things. But readers have to work to find them between the same goddamn picture, breaking up the text for no reason.

Best to you.

Umm, well, ha ha, thank you for reading and sending in that lovely comment, Arundel. We hope you’ll write more, because it’s great for laffs! And srsly, this post is just for you, because it only has one picture (albeit from the archives!). Best to you, too.


6 Responses to “On Passive Aggressive Comments: Srsly, Great for Laffs!”

  1. Multiple photos of Dante never get old.

    • Thanks, Jeff. The truth is, it literally calms me down at times to see the same image over and over, which is why I do it (not to piss off Arundel, obv.)

  2. 3 Flee

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the reader. I love your blog, but the repeated images make me dizzy. I will keep reading though :-)

  3. As a new reader, I was surprised by the repetition when I just skimmed the blog. Once I actually started to read each posting, however, I really enjoyed it. Having an image to peer into as one’s reading each line is quite soothing. I assume the image that you repeat is the visual that initially inspired you to write the posting, no?

    • Thanks again everyone for the kind words! I kinda think blogging is the perfect medium for image/text/image/text (or maybe it’s just that I’m lazy.)

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