On Weather: Making Promises You Might Not Be Able To Keep


In which The Gay Recluse fails to deliver the sun.


Yesterday it rained so hard that we felt sure today would arrive bright and sunny, as so often happens in New York City, where weather really doesn’t tend to linger the way it does in say, Pittsburgh or Ithaca. We had visitors in from out of town and told them our theory: then in an act of bravado — and the bad forecast notwithstanding — we promised that the weather would be perfect today, just like in the above photograph.


Sadly, this is what it looked like when we woke up. We were embarrassed until a few hours later, when it finally did clear up a little, although it had turned cold. Next time, we’re going to try to restrain ourselves from promising more than we can deliver, in the event that it concerns something more important than the weather.

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