On One Benefit of Being Gay: Unlike Judith Warner, When We Saw Jesse Jackson Weeping, We Didn’t See a Noble Man But a Narrow-Minded Bigot


In which The Gay Recluse retains his second-class citizenship.

In her most recent column in Teh Times, “Tears To Remember,” (umm, barfing yet?) Judith Warner writes of the “glory” and “bliss” of the Obama victory, and goes on to discuss two images that most indelibly marked the night for her: “One is that of Jesse Jackson’s face, drenched in tears, in Chicago’s Grant Park on Tuesday evening,” she writes and goes on to explain: “This moment of triumph marks the end of such a long period of pain, of indignity and injustice for African-Americans. And for so many others of us, of the trampling and debasing of our most basic ideals, beliefs that we cherished every bit as deeply and passionately as those of the “values voters” around whose sensibilities we’ve had to tiptoe for the past 28 years.”

When we saw Jesse Jackson, by contrast, we thought of what he said in 2004: “In my culture, marriage is a man-woman relationship,” along with a bunch of other bullshit that — funny how this happens! — was used by the Proposition 8 assholes in California as part of their propaganda. We also remember a few years ago when we heard him on an NPR radio show debating the pros and cons of banning “the N-word,” and he refused to acknowledge even the slightest similarity between “nigger” and “faggot,” reasoning that the gays — unlike the blacks — choose to call themselves (ourselves?) faggots. (Oh and then the asshole NPR guy — who was not but could have been Judith Warner — basically agreed with him! Wtf?)

Ok, so most people we know are aware that Jesse Jackson is a huge homo-hating blowhard who needs to STFU asap! So why would Judith Warner rush to elevate him into a symbol of equality? Because she’s so annoyingly self-centered, that’s why, and strangely devoid of any kind of real compassion! (In short, her writing lacks soul.) The only hope for her is if one of her kids is lucky enough to be gay, so that JW might learn to see the world through the eyes of others, for a change, instead of just pretending all the time.

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