On the Opinion Page: May 17, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times. Note to readers: we will be in Berlin for the next few days, so may or may not get around to our daily opinion-page column. But fear not! We will be back at some point to keep everyone in line.

Bob Herbert/Hard Roads Ahead

The Short Version: We’re fucked.

In his words: “Those are not the marks of a society with a blissful future.”

Score: D (Dour)
We agree with Herbert that much is wrong with our schools, but in this column Herbert gives us nothing we haven’t heard a million times already, with no insight into the reasons why we are in this condition, much less his vision of how to get out of it.

Charles Blow/Skirting Appalachia

The Short Version: Obama can win the general election without winning West Virginia.

In his words: “Obama is unlikely to win the heart of Appalachia in the general election, but he may not need to if he can make up ground on its northern frontier.”

The Score: B (Benign)
Although Blow doesn’t ultimately say anything we don’t already know, this pleasantly wonkish column from the Times’ op-ed graphic designer has great maps!

Gail Collins/McCain’s Superfuture

The Short Version: The Maverick’s version of the future seems very “realistic.”

In her words: “McCain said the secret was ‘setting goals and achieving.’”

The Score: B+ (Beginning)
Collins is just sharpening her knives here in advance of the general election.

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