On the City Pattern Project: Special Coal Chute Cover Edition


In which The Gay Recluse sees stars.


So the other day we ran into this coal-chute cover named Chris Zieseniss, who lives a few doors down from us.


He’s originally from Brooklyn, but moved to Washington Heights like 200 years ago or something and has lived here ever since.


We like talking to him, but he’s almost always asleep when we walk past him on our way to work. And then he’s still asleep when we get back from work, too — what a life!


But on this day his eyes were open, so we waved at him.


We were like: “Hey, Chris! What’s going ahn?”


He was like: “What are you so happy about?”


We said: “Didn’t you hear? Obama won the election!”


“What election?” he asked.


But before we could answer, he had fallen back to sleep.

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