On Proposition 8: Vote No and Retain Some Shred of Humanity, Vote Yes and Feel the Monstrous Ooze Running Through Your Veins


In which The Gay Recluse is like, srsly, wtf?

There’s really nothing we can say about Proposition 8 that hasn’t already been said, but we’re going to add our two cents anyway, just because it’s the right thing to do. (Oh and supposedly we’ll be eligible for a $50 gift certificate on Amazon.)

Obvs there are the unapologetic bigots, the ones who are like fags should die. In a way, we almost prefer these assholes to the ones who claim to “tolerate” the gays, as if we should be grateful not to be rounded up and sent to the concentration camps.

A lot of parents cry when their children come out, because they know there’s an increased chance that their child will be murdered, a likelihood that their child — no matter how smart or creative — will be pushed to the margins of productive society and made to feel useless and small, and a certainty that they will suffer the indignity of legal inequality.

There’s obvs no chance that anything is going to change with regard to the first two factors, at least not in this lifetime. (Sorry, parents!)

But as for the third, why not level the playing field? Haters and bigots, you should be consoled by the idea that you can still hate — that’s not being outlawed! — and you can still rejoice as gays all over the world are still tortured and beaten! Remember: gay marriage does not represent the end of homophobia any more than the election of Barack Obama represents the end of racism.

Let’s just admit it: to vote no on Proposition 8 will not create even the tiniest ripple in the ocean of hatred reserved for gays. Which of course is not a reason to vote yes.

To even the most dull witted among you, we ask: have you not stood at the shoreline, thrown rocks at the sea and walked away satisfied?

3 Responses to “On Proposition 8: Vote No and Retain Some Shred of Humanity, Vote Yes and Feel the Monstrous Ooze Running Through Your Veins”

  1. I sincerely hope PROP 8 fails miserably.

    BUT – if it DOES passes, is everyone prepared to spend another ba-zillion dollars on PR and possibly wait 20-30 years to “win” equality in CA?

    AND – if it does NOT pass, which state will we focus on next so we can spend another ba-zillion dollars to purchase civil rights?

    I know I am virtually alone here (except for Charles Merrill and his partner), but I think all of you are insane. Truly crazy….one step away from writing-on-the-wall-with-your-feces crazy.

    Because if ALL of us truly believed we WERE equal, we would not be so patient as tax-payers and U.S. citizens. We’d simply KNOW we ARE equal, and refuse to pay into a system that not only denies our familes civil marriage but doesn’t even acknowledge our existence (wait for the 2010 census).

    I’m 43, and I will NOT wait until I’m 73 for fair and equal treatment. It’s OK for the country at large to be ignorant, bigoted, mid-guided, and mid-informed. But that’s not my fault. So until people GROW UP and show my family the same “civil” respect heterosexually-identified families are given, I owe this country and the IRS nothing.

    How many times do I need to say this?


  2. That’s an interesting point, John — thanks for sharing. I’m not sure I would agree that you owe the country “nothing” but perhaps a discrimination discount would be in order?

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