On Traffic Whoring: The May 2008 Report


In which The Gay Recluse reports on monthly traffic whoring metrix to the Board of Directors.

I. Summary
After two record months in March and April, May witnessed an overall drop in traffic whoring, but was still our third best month ever. Some of this can be attributed to the same macroeconomic trends that have recently led to notable drops in consumer spending and confidence, and some of it can be attributed to the fact that we were not posting as much. In fact — although we’re too lazy to do the calculation — we suspect that on a per-post average, there’s a good possibility that May was our strongest month to date.

II. Traffic Whoring Metrix
Total Views May: 8995
Grand Total Number of Views: 57,788
Monthly Breakdown

  • September: 68
  • October: 1959
  • November: 3528
  • December: 3112
  • January: 4591
  • February: 6545
  • March: 15,033
  • April: 13,957
  • May: 8995

May Visitors: 6501
May Page Views: 9019

Monthly Traffic Whoring Charts

Daily Traffic Whoring Charts

Technorati (As of May 31, 2008)
Whoring Rank: 136,439 (down from 131, 962)
Whoring Authority: 67 (down from 69)

III. Feed Stats
56 subscribers (down from 59)

10 subscribers (unchanged)

IV. Major Links

*This was pretty awesome — and hats off to Sewall Chan and the City Room folks! — for linking to our ongoing informal-but-rather-telling quantitative analysis of the Modern Love column, also in the Times.

V. Forecast

May was in many respects a quiet month for traffic whoring at The Gay Recluse. But thanks to some recent capital upgrades, we expect growth to resume in the coming months. Oh and we continue to maintain an impressionistic Tumblr — i.e., mostly just photos — because it’s refreshingly easy to use (and look at).

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