On Traffic Whoring: The August 2008 Report


In which The Gay Recluse reports on monthly traffic whoring metrix to the Board of Directors.

I. Summary
OMG we were such whores, barely writing a word about anything and relying on an old post about women’s beach volleyball for almost all of our traffic! August was a stable month.

II. Traffic Whoring Metrix
Total Views August: 10,435
Grand Total Number of Views: 91,282
Monthly Breakdown

  • September: 68
  • October: 1959
  • November: 3528
  • December: 3112
  • January: 4591
  • February: 6545
  • March: 15,033
  • April: 13,957
  • May: 8995
  • June: 10,540
  • July: 12,519
  • August: 10,435

August Visitors: 9061
August Page Views: 12,388

Monthly Traffic Whoring Charts

Daily Traffic Whoring Charts

Technorati (As of August 31, 2008)
Whoring Rank: 94,440 (down from 91,512)
Whoring Authority: 70 (down from 74)

III. Feed Stats
65 subscribers (up from 59)

11 subscribers (up from 10)

IV. Major Links

None! We didn’t even try!

V. Forecast

Ok, we’ve been phoning it in. September will be better, we promise.

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