On The One (and Only) Reason To Get Excited About the Olympics: Women’s Beach Volleyball


In which The Gay Recluse looks forward to Beijing 2008.

Today we are pleased to introduce readers to our new women’s beach-volleyball correspondent, Robert Representative, who kicks off his Olympic coverage with the following report:

Any real commentary of this sport will have to wait until the summer,
but I did manage to find some awesome photos that would definitely
interest any 13-year old boy:

13-year old boys…among others (like us, and probably quite a few 13-year old girls)! Seriously. How much better is women’s beach volleyball than the decathlon?

These pictures are all from Athens 2004. (Wait! Is that Lauren and Audrina from The Hills?)

Which we now officially regret not watching.

Let’s be clear: that’s one mistake we won’t be making again!

Robert, thanks for that extremely enlightening report. We look forward to hearing more as developments warrant (and obviously, we’ll want pictures).

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One Response to “On The One (and Only) Reason To Get Excited About the Olympics: Women’s Beach Volleyball”

  1. Maybe the men’s volleyball teams could learn from watching the women? A little emotion, a little hugging, thongs …

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