On the George Washington Bridge Project


In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with the George Washington Bridge.

Sometimes even the bridge seems small and far away under the tumult of the sky; once crushed with regret and longing, we are inspired by its patience.

The Gay Recluse is a pansy. It took him until he was fucking 31 to come out? Please. I was enjoying sucking dick at 14 (often) and came out to the parents at 21. P.S. TGR and I are the same age to boot…

– Guest Comment #5 on Curbed, “Central Park Hits Up This ‘Washington Heights’ Place for Cash

2 Responses to “On the George Washington Bridge Project”

  1. 1 Atherton Bartelby

    1) AMAZING photograph. The clouds are awesome.

    2) Your blog articles are actually one of two reasons I am considering moving to your neighborhood.

    3) Commenter #5 is…well I would write “pigfucker” but I try not to use profanity in others’ blogs. Oh wait did I just do that? Apologies.

  2. Thanks, Atherton! Washington Heights is worth checking out, but brace yourself! The kind of beauty one finds here does not come without a heavy cost. (At least in my case, obvs.)

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