On the George Washington Blimp Project: Special Fish Edition


In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with fish blimps.

Blimps are completely useless.

But we love them anyway.

Especially when they look like fish in the aquarium of the sky.

3 Responses to “On the George Washington Blimp Project: Special Fish Edition”

  1. 1 c.

    Very nice analogy. Isn’t it so often the “useless” — like decoration or painting — that we love? I venture that certain useless things, like blimps or hot-air balloons, are indeed useful, to the soul.

  2. Yes, exactly, C! When I say “useless,” I mean it in more of the functional sense of the word….(which isn’t to say that functional can never be artistic, of course….)

  3. 3 c.

    Yes, yes, I knew what you meant! I know you understand the thirsts of the soul!


    On the other hand, Nike’s new campaign (7/22/08 entry) provides us with a wonderfully tailor-made example of the truly “useless”: adolescent bad taste and a lack of creative talent; the celebration of the small-minded; wasted resources. How unlike your blimp/fish in a twilit sky is the space that will be taken up by these 100% unredeeming ads, and the regressive, non-thinking they’ll inspire.

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