On the City Pattern Project: Special Bricks-and-Moss Edition!


In which The Gay Recluse explores a longstanding obsession with moss-covered brick.

Bricks, it seems, are the literal building blocks of civilization, whereas moss is the incremental destroyer. To see them together — and to appreciate the beauty of this — is to understand that you cannot have one without the other, just the way you cannot have spring without winter, love without pain, or Lauren without Heidi. Many are the hours where we have sat trying to figure out whether we are made of moss or brick, and only now and again does it really seem as if both are there equally — so that we are in equilibrium — and for just a second we are filled with a fleeting sense of truth and revelation that is replaced by longing and melancholy as soon as it is gone.


One Response to “On the City Pattern Project: Special Bricks-and-Moss Edition!”

  1. 1 Matt

    Thanks for the comment! I agree with you on the ten years – I think there is a big difference between people who blog for fun and blog for a living. The sad fact is if these folks were to walk down the street in any other town they’d be unrecognizable, which begs the question – does the world happen in New York or does New York happen without regards to the rest of the world?

    Oh, and the Beatrice post made me cry. It was beautiful.

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