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On Spring Break


In which The Gay Recluse goes on a trip. I’m going away for a few days/weeks/months. Hope you have a beautiful spring (via the mythical Helibores)! xoxo TGR

In which The Gay Recluse dreams of spring. With the afternoon light streaming through the windows, it was easy to believe.

In which The Gay Recluse explores a longstanding obsession with moss-covered brick. Bricks, it seems, are the literal building blocks of civilization, whereas moss is the incremental destroyer. To see them together — and to appreciate the beauty of this — is to understand that you cannot have one without the other, just the way […]

In which The Gay Recluse becomes increasingly obsessed with The George Washington Bridge. Time and date of photographs: June 6, 2008, sunset. Supposedly tomorrow’s going to be a thousand degrees. But the bridge doesn’t care: It looks great in any weather! Even though it hasn’t even arrived, we’re kind of dreading summer. We say that […]

In which The Gay Recluse welcomes the spring garden. The hellebore is perhaps not the most spectacular flower, but we like it anyway: it’s a dependable friend. We feel reassured. After months of planning, the first guests have finally arrived and they seem to be having a good time! The hellebore is thousands of years […]

In which The Gay Recluse retreats to our garden in Washington Heights. As it has done for thousands of years — and not just in our garden — the hellebore has sent forth the most beautiful, delicate blossoms at this improbable juncture, as if to taunt winter into sending one last storm. (Let’s hope nobody […]