On How Incredibly Fucked Up: Book of Closet Cases Wins Lambda Literary Award for Men’s Fiction


In which The Gay Recluse is rather perturbed.

Hey, apparently all it takes to win a Lambda Literary Award for Men’s Fiction — even if you’re not gay! — is to write a seriously homophobic treatment of a teen romance, get a bunch of testimonials from important straights, and put a smokin’ hot cover on it. NIce going, Andre Aciman and Lambda Literary Awards! Together you’ve made a valuable contribution to the continuing suffocation of the gay voice in American literature!

4 Responses to “On How Incredibly Fucked Up: Book of Closet Cases Wins Lambda Literary Award for Men’s Fiction”

  1. 1 homoneurotic

    wow. well, if it’s any consolation. nobody really cares about the lammy’ awards. it’s sad, and charles is going to kill me for saying so. but no data shoes that a lammy win increases book sales. and when it call comes down to it. that’s the fucking point — getting books into people’s bookshelves, whether they read them or not.

    i’m adding you to my blog roll btw. i’m enjoying your smart commentary.

  2. 2 homoneurotic

    as I wrote elsewhere. I think i disagree with you on this point. i don’t think Aciman’s being gay or straight or bisexual changes the fact that this was a good book, with excellent writing, that deserved the award. I’ll have to read it to know for sure. Let’s hope FSG sends me a copy.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Homoneurotic. I suggest you read my full review of the book — the link is in the above post — in which you will see that my objection stems far less from the fact that Aciman is gay/straight/whatever (although I do think the “about the author” language and placement is hardly accidental), and more for the book’s careless assumptions about the psychological dimensions of homosexuality and the failure to adequately explore any of them. Yes, Aciman has good prose, but as a novel, it’s the opposite of revelatory, and is rooted in some very tedious stereotypes that certainly do not deserve to be lauded by any organization representing the gay “community.” (File under “self-hatred.”)

  1. 1 The Accidental Aciman « Gay Book Blog

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