On a Brief Note about “On the Opinion Page”


In which The Gay Recluse responds to a comment.

Today reader Wayward Son sent us the following note:

I miss your opinion on opinion pieces. Lately I have been forced to read them myself. That means I am apt to accidentally take them seriously as I am without your sometimes satirical, sometimes facetious, always spot-on opinion on opinion pieces. I want more OOOPS in my blog reading please.

First of all, thanks for the kind words, Wayward Son. But for the moment, we are going to continue our hiatus at least through the Fourth of July and possibly through Labor Day, at which point we expect the election to take front and center, and we hope to have recovered enough from our first foray into the opinion pages to try a second!


3 Responses to “On a Brief Note about “On the Opinion Page””

  1. 1 Tim

    The race between Obama and McCain could use a fresh injection of nuanced opinion. So far the major networks have been covering the primaries and upcoming election as if it were one big horse race (i.e. who’s ahead in the polls, who is predicted to win the hispanic vote, who has more of a next door neighborly quality, etc.). Blogging will most likely be a better news source than the cable stations for this election, and gay recluses will have more informed things to say than the “pundits” who are cherry picked by GE execs.

  2. Thanks, Tim. I’ll try to motivate, but I literally couldn’t read more than three seconds of Gail Collins today (and I generally like her!) before I became kind of ill and the prospect of wading through Kristoff and Cohen was just too much to bear.

  3. 3 jesus

    this definitely brings us to a catch-22. i’m in general agreement that i miss reading your takes because it allowed me to skip the actual pieces. but, accordingly, i definitely understand where you’re coming from. i had actually wondered how it was you were *ever* able to trudge through Kristof, Cohen, etc. (i was also wondering when someone would bring this up…)

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