On the George Washington Botany Project: May 1, 2008 (Special Shoegazer Edition)


In which The Gay Recluse attempts to use a new “macro” lens.

So yeah: The Globularia stygia we bought last year at Stonecrop Gardens is in bloom.

These first two pix we took with the regular lens.

Then we took some drugs tried out a new macro lens.

We are reminded of a record cover for one of those shoegazer bands we used to love: My Bloody Valentine and Ride were our favorites, but we also liked the Pale Saints and Lush.

Of all of these bands, My Bloody Valentine now seems by far the most prophetic.

With Loveless they both summed up 30 years of what had come before and predicted 30 years of what would come after.

It’s no wonder it was the last thing they did; sometimes it seems as if they left an entire generation reeling.

Maybe if they were still making LPs, they would consider our photograph for the cover.

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