On Our Own Method of Diluting the Homophobosphere


In which The Gay Recluse attempts to reconcile his traffic-whoring impulses with a desire to flee the crazies.  

In March, as part of a new traffic-whoring initiative, we opened up The Gay Recluse to commenters. By and large we’ve been very pleased with the results, not only in terms of traffic but in terms of the many new friends we’ve made. Hello, new friends!

Not surprisingly, we’ve have also been occasionally treated to less enlightened commenters, such as  Reader Kurt, who introduced himself to us with this:

I was unaware that gay meant intellectually deficient.

And then became even crazier when we pointed out the equating “gay” to “intellectual deficiency” was a wee bit homophobic. Here’s what he said:

I asked Greg, Bobby, Amanda and Becky, and they all laughed at your outrage. I have twice as many gay friends as straight. I picked the adjective in your blog name because it was grammatically simpler than to use the noun. To restate: I didn’t know “recluse” meant idiot. Is that better?

As much as we (a la Gawker) would like to execute more-stupid-than-funny commenters, we will continue to “allow” them to post because a) LOL! and b) we’re traffic whores. But for future reference, if you’re going to act like an idiot, please don’t be shocked when we laugh at you and say: ha! ha! look at the out-of-control idiot who obviously needs at least ten years on the nearest therapy couch! (And god help his kids!) And then maybe we’ll shed a few tears, because we know what it’s like to be angry and disillusioned and to want to take this out on the world around you instead of looking at what you’ve done and admitting that it was wrong (and we’re not talking about a stupid comment, obviously). And then maybe we’ll go look at some smokin’ hot gay statues and feel a lot better.


4 Responses to “On Our Own Method of Diluting the Homophobosphere”

  1. 1 saidy

    “because we know what it’s like to be angry and disillusioned and to want to take this out on the world around you instead of looking at what you’ve done and admitting that it was wrong (and we’re not talking about a stupid comment, obviously)”

    dude, im totally sending all of my negative anonymous commenters your way. =)

    file under: linky love.

  2. Thanks, Saidy! You rule. And anyone who even thinks about dissing Inwood better come to terms with the fact that there are some serious ass-kickers up north!

  3. 3 saidy

    if they start a blog dedicated to how much they hate you, then its official: you’re famous. (or so i’ve been told.) but fret not, because it means more hits! and hey, how come no sex posts? weren’t you asking for sex stories a while back? did anyone submit? and how about posts on religion? controversial subjects always spike traffic. it would be interesting to see if these subjects affect May numbers (whore to whore, of course.)

  4. Hey Saidy–lol–the anti-gay-recluse blog! I kind of got carried away a few weeks ago in my hatred of that week’s Modern Love column and made a call for alt submissions, but a few readers complained that I was overdoing it on the Modern Love front anyway. And I agreed! I will say that I think a lot of homophobia is ultimately rooted in fear of gay sex, so I’ll have to think more about if/how to tackle that. But I think Dan Savage is awesome and he pretty much has the sex market cornered as far as I’m concerned so I’m not really looking to go there. As for religion, none of them really do much for me but obviously if the right opportunity comes up, I’m happy to tackle! Btw, I’m glad to see you back on Manhattan’s Peak…

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