On Traffic (Whoring) and Related Metrix: April 2008


In which The Gay Recluse reports on monthly traffic whoring metrix to the Board of Directors.

I. Summary
After a record month of whoring in March, we experienced a slight dip in April. But! It was still our second best month on record.

II. Traffic Whoring Metrix
Total Views March: 13,957
Grand Total Number of Views: 48,973
Monthly Breakdown

  • September: 68
  • October: 1959
  • November: 3528
  • December: 3112
  • January: 4591
  • February: 6545
  • March: 15,033
  • April: 13,957

April Visitors: 9,527
April Page Views: 13,948

Monthly Traffic Whoring Charts

Daily Traffic Whore Charts

Technorati (As of April 30, 2008)
Whoring Rank: (131, 962) (down from 129,395)*
Whoring Authority: 69 (up from 58)

*Technorati obviously recalibrated in the middle of the month — thank you very little! — so we’ve been forced to claw our way back up again.

III. Feed Stats
59 subscribers (up from 50)

10 subscribers (down from 11) sigh

IV. Major Links

V. Forecast

April was a strong, if not record-breaking month, in traffic whoring. We don’t expect much from May, given that we have international travel plans and work obligations, but we will continue to add new features to expand the breadth of whoring coverage. We continue to maintain an impressionistic version of The Gay Recluse at Tumblr — i.e., just photos — mostly because it’s refreshingly easy to use (and look at).

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