On the Death of the Winter Garden: The Mythical Hellebore Awakes!


In which The Gay Recluse retreats to our garden in Washington Heights.

As it has done for thousands of years — and not just in our garden — the hellebore has sent forth the most beautiful, delicate blossoms at this improbable juncture, as if to taunt winter into sending one last storm. (Let’s hope nobody is provoked.)

A white flower.

A pink flower.

A black flower (the rarest and most temperamental of all the hellebores, it is said to have killed Alexander The Great).

[This post is dedicated to Stephen — great lover of hellebores — who is (omg!) stuck in Pittsburgh!]

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4 Responses to “On the Death of the Winter Garden: The Mythical Hellebore Awakes!”

  1. 1 dave

    Hellebores are kind of creepy.

  2. Perhaps, but I would say in a cool, goth kind of way as opposed to a Dick Cheney Lord of Darkness kind of way.

  3. For more about Hellebores:


  1. 1 Garden Furniture Reviews

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