On the Desire for Community-Free Existence


We begin by noting that — even more than “freedom” — the word “community” has entered a new and perhaps unprecedented level of (mis)use from which the gay recluse will wish to completely disassociate himself. Particularly noxious are those forms of community — e.g., the gay community, the Irish community, the international community — regularly employed by politicians and reporters in the superficial and facile analysis that is the order of the day. We will not dwell on this extensively except to say that our most fundamental desire is for a community-free existence, one in which we always strive to remain immune to any such categorization, no matter how politically expedient, e.g., “The gay community expressed its pleasure at the election of Geraldine Ferraro to the United States Senate.” Exceptions will naturally be made for those communities defined not by tiresome categories of race, religion, class, location or — worst of all — nationality, but by a shared fondness for certain plants — particularly the alpine variety — animals, dying art forms such as the grand opera, and modes of public transportation, such as the D-train, e.g., “The D-train community has been perplexed by the stunning and inexplicable decline in service over the past few years, which has resulted in the serious deterioration of a once-vaunted line to a mere shadow of its former self.”

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