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In which The Gay Recluse dreams of snow. On certain days, we are made aware that capitalism is a vast, raging sea on which we are helplessly adrift. It’s not that this is exactly news; to the contrary, we have always known this, much the way the earth is round and the sun is many […]

In which The Gay Recluse succumbs to annuals. Now that it’s cooled off a little, we’re starting to get some blooms. You could probably read a lot into that, and we’re not stopping you. For a cheerful alternative to morning glories, give black-eyed Susan vine a try. —Willi Galloway

In which The Gay Recluse watches birds. The bird flew by just as the fog was lifting. That could be a metaphor for many different things!

In which The Gay Recluse considers a broken traffic light in Washington Heights. Glancing up, we were momentarily confused; what had once been familiar and comfortable seemed unclear and possibly dangerous. (Of course we took a photograph.) Is this not the story of your life, too?