On The Chaos Detective: City of Dreams (Part 5)


In which The Chaos Detective concludes his European assignment in Paris.

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THE CHAOS DETECTIVE is a teevee series for the internet. “City of Dreams” is a five-part episode set in Europe. Future episodes will be located in New York City.

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City of Dreams (Part 2)

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City of Dreams (Part 4)


It would be a fallacy to argue that my location here in the shadows of the riverbank


in the company of another man about whom I knew next to nothing


was anything less than conscious.


I couldn’t say if the vision I saw was of the past or the future but I no longer cared


I took a step forward and then another, ignoring the chorus of screams in my head.


I approached the Russian, who stood up as if he had been expecting me. “Do I know you?” he asked.


I shook my head ambiguously. “I’m not sure,” I replied.


“Follow me,” he said and together we walked up the stairs into the infinite fog of the Parisian night.

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