On The Chaos Detective: City of Dreams (Part 1)


In which The Gay Recluse produces a teevee series on the internets.

The Chaos Detective: City of Dreams (Part 1)

In this episode, CHAOS — the quasi-governmental entity “Computer Hardware and Operating Systems” (or so he has been told) — has given Detective Lasalle his first assignment, which is to go to Vienna and follow a man in a fur hat. Lasalle has taken this job without knowing exactly who he’s working for and exactly what he’s trying to find; these questions and others will be explored and maybe answered in subsequent episodes.

We hope you enjoyed it. Obv we’re just taking baby steps here, so bear with us! xoxo TGR

PS. Umm, we’re already aware of KAOS…

2 Responses to “On The Chaos Detective: City of Dreams (Part 1)”

  1. Awesome! Can’t wait for the next installment. And what’s your drink of choice, TGR?

  2. fucking brilliant. gimmie mores!

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