On Death Culture at Sea: The Gay Recluse on the BBC (Exploitation)


In which The Gay Recluse is interviewed on the BBC (but not credited) and then adds a backing track. [Note! Update appended below or click here.]

Ha, so today we got an e-mail from “BBC World Service Request” with the following message:

I work for a programme called World Have Your Say which broadcasts on the BBC World Service every weekday at 6pm UK time (we’re on air in 1.5 hours time). We are a global conversation show and aim to pick up on what we think people around the world are talking about. Today we’re asking whether the fact that Obama won the US election means we live in a more equal world? We’re discussing this with people around the world, looking at all forms of inequality – not just what it means for racial prejudice –  I saw your blog (https://thegayrecluse.com/2008/11/05/on-one-benefit-of-being-gay-you-can-vote-for-obama-and-be-pleased-that-he-won-but-not-buy-into-all-this-hope-and-change-bullshit-because-when-all-is-said-and-done-youre-still-a-second-class-citi/) and wondered if you’d be interested in speaking to us on the programme today? (This is the topic as we’ve introduced it on our blog http://worldhaveyoursay.wordpress.com/)

Incredibly enough, it wasn’t a scam/spam (or at least not completely)! We checked in and after getting screened by a very nice person with a perfect British accent, we were put on the air. But annoyingly, the interviewer didn’t make any reference to The Gay Recluse, even though he had no trouble referring (somewhat hilariously, with the accent) to the AngryBlackBitch blog earlier in the show. (Srsly, what’s up with that? Do we not merit the standard quid pro quo? Clearly this is one inequality Obama’s victory didn’t rectify!) Oh well, whatevs, it was still fun. Plus, the BBC! Even Dante and Zephyr were excited!

If you want to listen to the entire show, click here (it’s the November 6 podcast).

Or if you want to rock out to our sixty-second version, complete with backing trax by Death Culture at Sea, click here to listen on our Tumblr or here for the Death Culture site.


Friends, listen to The Gay Recluse on the BBC!

Update! The BBC has responded with the following note:

I’m sorry your blog wasn’t mentioned. I’ve added a link to your blog on our website http://worldhaveyoursay.wordpress.com/whys-faqs/bloggers-on-whys/ so hopefully that’ll go some way to making up for it…

Actually, that does help make up for it! Thanks, BBC — you’re the best!

3 Responses to “On Death Culture at Sea: The Gay Recluse on the BBC (Exploitation)”

  1. 1 Kirsten

    congratulations!!! and yes that is not right that they didn’t mention your url.

  2. 2 c.

    “…it takes hundreds of years to unravel what it took hundreds of years to accrue.” – TGR

    Your evocation of Madonna’s “Vogue” is strangely suitable. Is there a satirical nod there, to the dramatizing of news and commentary on TV with soundtracks and graphics? Glad the BBC finally gave credit where due.

  3. Hey C, I was actually thinking about Michael Hussein Gregory, who’s my favorite YouTube artist to emerge from the election…(debate #2 is true genius)!

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