On the Opinion Page: May 10, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times.

Bob Herbert/Seeds of Destruction

The Short Version: Hillary’s message about “electability” and “white voters” is racist.

In his words: “The Clintons have been trying to embed that gruesomely destructive message in the brains of white voters and superdelegates for the longest time. ”

Score: B (Bitter)
Herbert’s right on about the racist overtones here, but we’re still glad Hillary Clinton fought dirty, because it’s going to make Obama that much stronger against the Maverick.

Gail Collins/Mother’s Day Scandal

The Short Version: Fossella scandal — LOL!

In his words: “The people of Staten Island seemed prepared to forgive Fossella for the drunken driving, but the second family threw them for a loop.”

The Score: C+ (Clueless)
This column isn’t bad when Collins sticks to scandalized Republican asshole Vito Fossella, but she loses her bearings when starts making assumptions about what is or isn’t attractive in a guy, e.g., “I always felt this would make a great movie were it not for the fact that [President Grover] Cleveland was a rather large balding 51-year-old with a walrus moustache and teeny eyes.” Obvs she’s not partial to bears, which would be fine if she weren’t so oblivious to the idea that other people are.

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