On Beautiful Ads for Dead Companies


In which The Gay Recluse suggests a link.

The most beautiful ads are always for dead companies.

Like this one we recently took on 35th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

Does this company still exist? We hope not, because we don’t want to have to think about buying anything.

New York City is filled with ads for dead companies.

Frank Jump has photographed many of them on his Fading Ad Blog.

We like his mission statement: “[D]ocumenting vintage mural ads on building brickfaces in New York City … has become a metaphor for survival for me since, like myself, many of these ads have long outlived their expected life span. Although this project doesn’t deal directly with HIV/AIDS, it is no accident I’ve chosen to document such a transitory and evanescent subject…”

If you see an ad for a dead company, why not take a picture of it?

Because eventually even Microsoft and Apple and General Electric and even Google will be dead, too.

And it’s always good to remember that.


2 Responses to “On Beautiful Ads for Dead Companies”

  1. 1 BBaine

    This is one of the most moving essays I have ever read.

  2. Thanks for reading, BBaine.

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