On the Opinion Page: May 6, 2008


In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times.

David Brooks/Combat and Composure

The Short Version: Hillary is a monster!

In his words: “But, as Sunday’s contrast made clear, Obama still seems like a human being.”

Score: B (Basic)
We’ve also been put off by Clinton’s completely over-the-top (and hilarious) attempts to distance herself from “the elitist,” but we’d like to hear more from Brooks about why it seems to be working.  

Bob Herbert/Doing the Troops Wrong

The Short Version: WTF? Why aren’t the asshole Republicans supporting the new G.I. Bill?

In his words: “Well, you might be surprised at who is not supporting this effort. The Bush administration opposes it, and so does Senator John McCain.”

The Score: D (Dopey)
Seriously, who could be surprised at this point that the asshole Republicans aren’t supporting legislation that might help one or two impoverished souls claw their way out of the untouchable class that by and large populates the army? But to write about this as earnestly and pedantically as Herbert does is truly barf-worthy, particularly when he resorts to phrases such as “the nation’s warriors.” (Yuck!)  The Onion said it 1000 times more effectively a few years ago in a classic A+ opinion piece: “I Support The Occupation Of Iraq, But I Don’t Support Our Troops.” (If you’ve never seen this, you’re welcome.) Which would you rather read?

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