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In which The Gay Recluse bemoans the state of the union. For as long as we can remember, our mother has (like us) been a bleeding-heart liberal, while our father has been a Republican asshole. They’ve been married almost 55 years. But then a few months ago, she told us that he was supporting Obama. […]

In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinions in The Times. David Brooks/Combat and Composure The Short Version: Hillary is a monster! In his words: “But, as Sunday’s contrast made clear, Obama still seems like a human being.” Score: B (Basic) We’ve also been put off by Clinton’s completely over-the-top (and hilarious) attempts to distance […]

In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinion pieces in The Times. Paul Krugman/Betting the Bank The Short Version: Economically, we’re fucked. In his words: “I’m more concerned that despite the extraordinary scale of Mr. Bernanke’s action — to my knowledge, no advanced-country’s central bank has ever exposed itself to this much market risk — […]

In which The Gay Recluse scores selected opinion pieces in The Times. Paul Krugman/The Face-Slap Theory The Short Version: We’re in deep shit. In his words: “The only way the Fed’s action could work is through the slap-in-the-face effect: by creating a pause in the selling frenzy, the Fed could give hysterical markets a chance […]

In which The Gay Recluse wonders if Deborah Solomon thinks we’re impressed. (Because we’re not.) Usually we skip Deborah Solomon’s weekly interview in the Sunday Magazine, in which the notoriously harsh and arrogant New York Times critic tersely interrogates a publicity hound hawking a useless book about the latest nonsense du jour. But this week […]

In which The Gay Recluse ponders the dinosaurs. In today’s New York Times, in a shocking piece that has vaulted all the way to number one on the “Most Popular” chart, we learn that golf is on the way out; declining in a popularity, with too many courses built in the 90s, it’s no longer […]